Deal on Fire! Heroes Two | Blu-ray | Only $5.50 – Expires soon!

"Heroes Two" Blu-ray Cover

“Heroes Two” Blu-ray Cover

Today’s Deal on Fire is the Blu-ray for Heroes Two, a Shaw Brothers classic directed by the legendary Chang Cheh (Five Element Ninjas, Slaughter in Xian) with action scenes choreographed by the great Lau Kar-leung (Shaolin Mantis, Drunken Master II).

This impressive production, also known as Bloody Fists or Kung Fu Invaders, is a true landmark in kung fu film history. The first of Chang Cheh’s Taiwan-produced, mid-1970s Shaolin cycle, Heroes Two is the low-budget beginning of several films starring Fu Sheng, which culminated with the grand Shaolin Temple in 1976.

Order Heroes Two from today!

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  1. Ningen21 says:

    I almost got it mixed up w/ Warriors Two.

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