Deal on Fire! 36th Chamber of Shaolin | Blu-ray | Only $7.53 – Expires soon!

36th Chamber of Shaolin Blu-ray (Dragon Dynasty)

36th Chamber of Shaolin Blu-ray (Dragon Dynasty)

Today’s Deal on Fire is the Blu-ray for the 1978 Shaw Brothers classic 36th Chamber of Shaolin (aka The Master Killer), directed by Liu Chia-Liang (Executioners from Shaolin) and starring Gordon Liu (Eight Diagram Pole Fighter).

Considered one of the greatest kung fu films of all time, 36th Chamber of Shaolin (read our review) is about a young man (Liu) who learns Shaolin kung fu so he can avenge his family and friends, who were killed by Manchu henchmen.

The film also stars Lo Lieh (Black Spot), Lau Kar Wing (Dirty Kung Fu) and Wilson Tong (Martial Club).

Order 36th Chamber of Shaolin from today!

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