Dante Lam’s ‘Unbeatable’ (aka MMA) is a knockout!

"MMA" Teaser Poster

"MMA" Teaser Poster

With the exception of Donnie Yen, director Dante Lam might just be the hardest working man in Hong Kong cinema. Since 2008’s The Beast Stalker, the filmmaker has been reliably turning out hard-hitting films that have helped expand the scope of the action/thriller genre in Hong Kong.

Lam’s newest film is titled MMA (aka Unbeatable), which explores the world of Mixed Martial Arts through the eyes of a down-and-out ex-boxer played by Nick Cheung (The Stool Pigeon). On the run from some loan sharks, Cheung hides out in Macau and ends up training a promising new fighter. Along the way to fortune and glory, his character might just find some redemption.

No release date is set yet but with the film already in post, a 2013 release can’t be too far off. | New trailer is now available, courtesy of Film Combat Syndicate. | You won’t want to miss the newest trailer for the film.

Updates: According to HKSAR, Unbeatable has accumulated over HK$1 million on advanced screenings alone, making it the highest grossing Hong Kong film ever to be screened. Better late than never: Check out a behind-the-scenes feature, courtesy of Film Combat Syndicate.

BREAKING NEWS: DDDHouse.com currently has the Blu-ray for sale, which will ship on December 6th. The DVD is also available, but keep in mind that it’s Region 3 coded, so you must own an all-region DVD player.

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One Response to Dante Lam’s ‘Unbeatable’ (aka MMA) is a knockout!

  1. DiP says:

    Curious to see who’s handling the fight choreography. Probably Chin Kar Lok or Wong Wai Fai or both.

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