Crime pays for Raquel Xu and Philip Ng in ‘Queen of Triads’

"Queen of Triads" Theatrical Poster

“Queen of Triads” Theatrical Poster

Ready for some female-centric organized crime? Get ready for Queen of Triads, an action-thriller written and produced by Wong Jing and directed by his protege Kam Kar-wai (who is currently shooting Big Brother with Donnie Yen).

When an innocent girl is raped again and again and betrayed by her loved ones, she decides to take control of her life by becoming a gangster leader.

The film stars Raquel Xu (Chasing the Dragon, Mission Milano), Emotion Cheung (The Chinese Box) and Philip Ng (Zombie Fight Club, Special Female Force).

Queen of Triads is getting a domestic release on December 7, 2017. Don’t miss its Trailer below (via Mike Leeder):

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One Response to Crime pays for Raquel Xu and Philip Ng in ‘Queen of Triads’

  1. Z Ravas says:

    This looks like some low-budget Category III type stuff…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Wong Jing is involved.

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