Chow Yun-fat, Eric Roberts and Ringo Starr to star in the action comedy ‘RockLand’?

"A Better Tomorrow" Japanese DVD Cover

"A Better Tomorrow" Japanese DVD Cover

According to, pre-production has started on RockLand, which will star Chow Yun-fat (A Better Tomorrow), Ringo Starr (of The Beatles) and Eric Roberts (Best of the Best). RockLand marks the feature debut of Valeri Davidiouk; oddly enough, Davidiouk has four films in pre-production mode, including another one called Rockland Boulevard, which has a completely different plot and cast.

Anyways, here’s the official plot to RockLand: Two friends, a fighter and a wrestler, take on a lunatic crime lord, in order to save a young girl, and protect the professional fighting industry from organized crime.

We’ll have more information about RockLand as it becomes available. Personally, I think this whole project should be taken with a grain of salt. But hey, you’ll never know.

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2 Responses to Chow Yun-fat, Eric Roberts and Ringo Starr to star in the action comedy ‘RockLand’?

  1. Ningen says:

    If it was Ringo Lam, that’d be one thing. But I don’t associate Ringo Starr with action films.

  2. Stevo says:

    Sounds shady. It looks like Chow Yun Fat has already reestablished himself in China.

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