Cheetah on Fire (1993) Review

"Cheetah on Fire" Tai Seng VHS Cover

“Cheetah on Fire” Tai Seng VHS Cover

Director: Chui Fat
Producer: Chui Fat
Cast: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Carrie Ng Kar Lai, Sharla Cheung Man, Gordon Liu Chia Hui, Ken Lo Hui Kwong, Fujimi Nadeki, Michael Woods, John Salvitti, Eddie Ko Hung, Shing Fui On
Running Time: 87 min.

By Tyler

In Cheetah on Fire, “Long Hair” (Gordon Liu) leads a violent gang in pursuit of a stolen missile guidance control chip. Donnie Yen and Nadeki Fujimi play CIA agents who are assisted by the HK police (Carrie Ng and Sharla Cheung Man). Eddie Ko and Shing Fui-on have supporting parts as criminals who are out of their league – attempting to sell the chip over the heads of Long Hair’s gang. After a series of quite graphically violent confrontations has thinned out the field, the action shifts from Hong Kong to Thailand. As the gang teams up with the forces of a warlord (Michael Woods), the pursuing law enforcement team seeks the assistance of the Thai army.

This great cast was wasted in this luke-warm sister film to Crystal Hunt. It falls flat on its back. The action looks horrible and the fight scenes were incredibly slow. Even the fight scene between Donnie Yen and Gordon Liu can’t save the film. We also can’t forget Michael Wood’s overacting as always (firing a machine gun in the air!).

The only thing cool about this film is the music, it’s real creepy; but beyond that? No dice. Also, who really wants to see Gordon Liu with a Jerry Curl playing a bad guy. I might as well tell you the ending because only a fool would buy this film knowing it was bad.


Tyler’s Rating: 3/10

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