Trailer for ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’ promises a new Kickboxer

"A Prayer Before Dawn" Teaser Poster

“A Prayer Before Dawn” Teaser Poster

If Nicolas Refn’s Only God Forgives offered too much symbolism, and not enough action, brace yourself for some good news: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s (Johnny Mad Dog) Thai boxing thriller A Prayer Before Dawn will finally be released in 2018 from A24.

Based on the international best-sellerA Prayer Before Dawn is the true story of Billy Moore, a troubled young British boxer sent to one of Thailand’s most notorious jails. Refusing to die inside prison, Billy becomes a student of the lethal art of Muay Thai boxing, and in the process, finds a brotherhood that will guide him on an incredible journey to redemption.

A Prayer Before Dawn stars Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders) as Moore (Pacific Rim’s Charlie Hunnam was originally attached to the play the lead, hence the film’s early Teaser Poster). SD describes A Prayer Before Dawn as being “crossover genre fare in the vein of Drive and The Raid.”

Don’t miss the film’s first Trailer below:

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