Bruce Lee the Invincible (1978) Review

"Bruce Lee the Invincible" American DVD Cover

"Bruce Lee the Invincible" American DVD Cover

AKA: Bruce Li the Invincible
Director: Cheung Lik
Writer: C.Y. Yang
Producer: Keung Chun Ping
Cast: Bruce Li (aka Ho Chung Tao, James Ho), Chan Sing, Bolo Yeung Tze, Mars, Fung Hak On, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Michael Chan Wai Man, Chan Wai Ying, Cheung Lik, Sham Chin Bo, San Kuai
Running Time: 90 min.

By Jeff Bona

After disrespecting his fellow countrymen, Chang Lee Kung (Michael Chan Wai Man) promises his teacher (Bolo Yeung) that he’ll start a new, positive life in Malaysia. However, word gets around that he has become even more sinister ever since his move. He’s now the head of an organization that controls an illegal gambling den and operates a shady mining company. In addition, he seduces married women and orders his henchmen to terrorize and kidnap innocent people.

Upon hearing about Chang Lee Kung’s antics, three badasses head to Malaysia to put a stop to the madness: Master Fok Yuen Gap (Chan Sing), Yu Fong (Ho Chung Tao) and Shu San (Cheung Lik) — I take that back, two badasses (Sorry, Cheung Lik).

“Bruce Lee The Invincible” has something for everyone:

You want an all-star cast? You get Michael Chan Wai Man (“Five Element Ninjas”), Bruce Li (“Do I really need to name a movie?”), Chan Sing (“New Fist of Fury”), Cheung Lik (“Enter Three Dragons”), Bolo Yeung (“Enter the Dragon”), Fung Hak On (“Young Master”), Mars (“Police Story”) and even a brief cameo by Eric Tsang (“Infernal Affairs”).

You like to see cute chicks get kidnapped, slapped around and sexually assaulted? It’s here, compliments of Chan Wai Ying (“Vice Squad 633”), who spends the whole movie getting abused in every single way. As an added bonus, you get to see her run around in a white spandex-like outfit. At one point, she even gets pushed into water. Water + white = translucent, if you catch my drift.

You want to learn the secret of the Shaolin Disguise Technique? See the magic happen before your eyes as Chan Sing becomes Mars (well-known actor/stuntman) with the help of a nifty rubber mask. I find it funny they chose Mars, since his body is a lot smaller than Chan Sing’s. I suppose that’s part of the “technique.”

You want to see ass-kicking apes? They never really explain the what the deal is with these fighting apes, but depending on how they’re killed, their eyes either bulge out or their brains sorta become exposed.

You want to see non-stop kung fu? Surprisingly, the action choreography is tight. There seriously isn’t a dull moment during the fight sequences. I’m not saying they’re the best I’ve seen, but they’re certainly good considering how kooky the rest of the movie is.

I know this is cliche to say, but “Bruce Lee The Invincible” is so bad, it’s good!

Jeff Bona‘s Rating: 6/10

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3 Responses to Bruce Lee the Invincible (1978) Review

  1. T. J. Gushiniere says:

    Hey, I agree with the cliche, which titles one of my favorite categories. Who said Cheung Lik’s not a Badass? Check out the equally notorious ” Karado The Hong Kong Cat ” a.k.a. ” The Super Kung Fu Kid “. This was one strange movie but like you stated good action and unexpected happenings in the story line will keep you watching. One of my favorite Bruce Li with out bell bottom flicks. Good review and rating.

  2. I’ll try and check out those Cheung Lik you mention. I’ve seen the guy in 4 or 5 films, and in each one, he gets himself beat up or held hostage. lol “One of my favorite Bruce Li with out bell bottom flicks” — it has to be one of mine, too. Not too crazy about his other period flicks… I have yet to see that one flick… the one where it’s a shaw-like period flick. Forget the name, but it’s the only movie he did where he has a ponytail/or long hair.

    • T. J. Gushiniere says:

      I believe that was ” Revenge Of The Patriots ” also starring Carter Wong, Chang Yi, Michael Chan Wei Man, and Judy Lee. Great cast, but the film could have been a lot better than it was.

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