New Blu-ray details for Go Yeong-nam’s ‘Suddenly in the Dark’

Suddenly in Dark Night | Blu-ray (Mondo Macabro)

Suddenly in Dark Night | Blu-ray (Mondo Macabro)

Independent distributor Mondo Macabro will soon release the Blu-ray for 1981’s Suddenly in the Dark (read our review), an obscure, critically-acclaimed Korean thriller directed by Go Yeong-nam (Korean Connection). The upcoming release will feature all-new interviews with Korean film critics and producers.

A Limited Halloween release for Suddenly in the Dark will be available to order on October 31st. It will be limited to 500 copies in a red case edition with an exclusive booklet!* Click here for the retail version.’s Darcy Paquet cited Suddenly in the Dark as a rare example of 1970s-80s Korean horror that was genuinely frightening, describing it as “a mysterious psychological study… that beguiles the viewer right up to its bizarre closing image.”’s Paul Bramhall says “I’m excited at least!”.

Suddenly in the Dark stars Kim Young-ae (Confession of Murder), Yoon Il-bong (Love on a Rainy Day), Lee Gi-seon (Lost Youth), Hyeon Hye-ri (Unconditional Love) and Kim Geun-hui (Encounter).

Product Features:

  • Interview with producer Suh Byung-gi
  • Interview with critic Kim Bong-seok on the history of Korean horror films
  • Classic K-Horror VHS Cover Art Gallery
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Mondo Macabro Promo Reel
  • Brand New Cover Illustration by Naomi Butterfield
  • Limited edition booklet with brand new essays on the film by Grady Hendrix and Christopher Koenig

*A retail release in a standard case without the booklet will be available sometime Spring 2017. If the LE sells out quickly, it’s possible that we will do another limited red case run, but no more than another 500, and probably un-numbered.

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  1. Kung Fu Bob says:

    WTF? This sounds insane. Must see it.

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