Blood and 1980s synth merge in ‘Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead’

"Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead" Teaser Poster

“Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead” Teaser Poster

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth. With Hong Kong island under quarantine and the walking dead roaming the streets, small pockets of survivors struggle to stay alive. But when the authorities learn of a potential cure located somewhere within the city, a lone warrior must battle the undead with the fate of mankind in his hands…

That’s the plot for Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead, an upcoming zombie action thriller produced by Mike Leeder (Ultimate Justice, Helios), Spencer Douglas (CFK) and Arne Venema (Neon Grindhouse: Hong Kong), who is directing the movie under the guidance of Vincent Dawn and Dan Findlay. The film stars Hong Kong-based indie actor Joe Fiorello (Love Stalk) and features visual effects by Matthew Blaize.

Noriko is very much a Hong Kong Grindhouse project, it’s a zombie movie that wears its influences very heavily on its blood stained sleeves; we’re trying to capture that George Romero meets early 80s John Carpenter-feel for the movie, run through a very Hong Kong tilted filter,” says Leeder. “Watch out for some very familiar faces glimpsed amongst the Zombie hordes,” he adds.

Vincent Dawn admits: “I want to make a film about a man on a mission in a city of the undead where the living post as much of a threat as those who should be in the ground… and my zombies don’t f##king run!”

Watch the film’s Teaser Trailer below:

For the latest on the project, visit the film’s official Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Blood and 1980s synth merge in ‘Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead’

  1. mvp says:

    Using CGI on gun muzzle flash is the first step of lazy filmmaking. It makes almost all modern action films unwatchable and lame.

  2. Mike Leeder says:

    yeah and we didn’t even use real ZOMBIES…damn we are just such lazy film-makers, I knew i shiould have posted an UNDEAD casting call……

    Yes its CGI muzzle flash, don’t know how to tell you but most muzzle flashs are augmented in post even when you’re firing full load blanks on set, with this for safety and budget issues for that shot i went with CGI

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