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Nick Cheung’s new thriller proves he’s a ‘Keeper of Darkness’

Looks like a certain someone feels right at home on the dark side: Nick Cheung’s (Helios) new thriller, Keeper of Darkness. In the film, Cheung plays a streetwise exorcist (Cheung) who becomes an overnight sensation when his extraordinary exorcism goes viral online. … Continue reading

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‘Legend is Born – Ip Man’ star forms a new film company

If you are a fan of The Legend is Born: Ip Man, you may be wondering where main actor Dennis To Yu-Hang is up to these days. Since The Legend is Born, he has appeared in a number of films … Continue reading

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Tran Quoc Bao delivers kung fu action in ‘The Challenger’

Here’s an awesome short film for all of you kung fu fans to enjoy. Titled The Challenger, the short is the prequel for an upcoming feature film from Vietnamese-American filmmaker Tran Quoc Bao. Tran is writing, directing and editing the … Continue reading

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‘Young Guns’ director to make kung fu film ‘Legion of One’

According to SD, director Christopher Cain (Young Guns, The Next Karate Kid) will be directing Legion of One, a martial arts action film that tells the story about an orphan raised in the Shaolin Temple. The US-China co-production will be executive … Continue reading

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Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine just one last time?‏

Just recently, Donnie Yen announced that Ip Man 3 may be the last action movie of his career. Now, we have word that Hugh Jackman is doing something similar, albeit far less drastic: Jackman has posted a picture on Instagram … Continue reading

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Yoshihiro Nishimura is back with ‘Ninja War of Torakage’

The trailer for Yoshihiro Nishimura’s latest film, The Ninja War of Torakage, has just been released. The director behind such cult films as Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl is at the helm and also co-writes the … Continue reading

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Hard-hitting trailer arrives for Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Southpaw’

The first trailer has arrived for Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film Southpaw. This time, the fine actor teams up with director Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer) and co-stars Forest Whitaker, Rachel McAdams, Rita Ora and 50 Cent to bring us what looks … Continue reading

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Brett Ratner to remake Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’?

Yes, you read it right: Brett Ratner wants to remake Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, the 1973 kung fu classic about a martial artist (Lee) who agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord (Shih Kien) using his invitation to a … Continue reading

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Chow Yun Fat takes on Stephen Chow, Jet Li and Aaron Kwok in the fight for Lunar New Year box office supremacy in 2016

Since its release during the Lunar New Year holiday in China, Chow Yun Fat’s From Vegas to Macau 2 (aka The Man From Macau 2) has earned over RMB900 million at the box office, well exceeding its predecessor’s RMB600 million. … Continue reading

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Francis Ng and Simon Yam get ‘Two Thumbs Up’

Two Thumbs Up is an upcoming action comedy that stars two of Hong Kong’s top leading men, Francis Ng and Simon Yam. The supporting cast include Leo Ku (Hot Blood is the Strongest), Patrick Tam (Beast Cops), Mark Cheng (Election … Continue reading

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Trailer arrives for Carrie Ng’s directorial debut ‘Angel Whispers’

Angel Whispers is the directorial debut by Carrie Ng Ka Lai, successful Hong Kong actress who starred in films such as Naked Killer, City on Fire, Call Girl ’88 and more recently Pang Ho Cheung’s Aberdeen and Nick Cheung’s Ghost … Continue reading

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