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Black Scar Blues (2015) Review

Director: Leroy Nguyen Writer: Leroy Nguyen, Edmond Shum Cast: Leroy Nguyen, Edmond Shum, Jen Barnard, Donald Williams, Daniel Sim, Mahdi Eltigani, Aaron Emmanuel, Collel Massey, Cullen Cook III, Raymond Gwynn Running Time: 80 min. By Jeff Bona Sorry folks, no … Continue reading

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They Call ‘Em Bruce: People who played Bruce Lee

The following feature is about the many people who have portrayed Bruce Lee in movies, TV and advertisements. In an effort to put together the most comprehensive list, I’ve also included those who portrayed him in ways that I can’t explain. It should also be … Continue reading

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Universal Soldier (1971) Review

Director: Cy Enfield Producer: Donald Factor, Frederick Schwartz Cast: George Lazenby, Ben Caruthers, Robin Hunter, Edward Judd, Alan Barnes, Cy Enfield, Germaine Greer, Rudolph Walker, Chrissie Townson, Guy Deghy, Edward Judd, Ronan O’Rahilly Running Time: 94 min. By Jeff Bona While promoting 1969’s On Her … Continue reading

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Queen’s Ransom, A | aka International Assassin (1976) Review

Director: Ding Sin Saai Producer: Raymond Chow Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, Angela Mao, George Lazenby, Ko Chun Hsiung, Tien Ni, Charles Heung, Cheung Pooi Saan, Dean Shek, Bolo Yeung, Peter Chan, Cheung Ging Boh, Chu Tiet Wo, Han Ying Chieh, … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee: Tracking the Dragon (2016) Review

Director: John Little Writer: John Little Cast: John Little, Bruce Lee, Malisa Longo, Jon T. Benn, Anders Nelsson, Riccardo Billi, Chaplin Chang Running Time: 100 minutes By Jeff Bona Back in 2013, I reviewed a documentary titled In Pursuit of the Dragon, by noted … Continue reading

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Lady Killer, The (1977) Review

Director: Zhu Mu Writer: Louis Sit Chi Hung Producer: Raymond Chow Cast: Robert Lee, Sylvia Chang, Nick Lam Wai Kei, Shaw Yum Yum, Lee Kwan, Gam Dai, John Cheung Ng Long Running Time: 86 min. By Jeff Bona Before Brandon … Continue reading

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Martial Arts Kid, The (2015) Review

Director: Michael Baumgarten Producer: James Wilson, Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan Cast: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Jansen Panettiere, Kathryn Newton, Matthew Ziff, T.J. Storm, Brandon Tyler Russell, R. Marcos Taylor, Chuck Zito, Nassim Faras Lahrizi, Kayley Stallings, Robert Peters Running Time: 103 min. … Continue reading

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Wailing, The (2016) Review

Director: Na Hong-jin Writer: Na Hong-jin Cast: Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jeong-Min, Jun Kunimura, Chun Woo-Hee, Kim Hwan-Hee, Jang So-Yeon, Heo Jin, Jo Han-Chul, Son Kang-Kuk, Kim Do-Yoon, Kim Ki-Cheon Running Time: 115 min. By Jeff Bona Na Hong-jin, the fierce … Continue reading

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9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) Review

Director: Emmett Alston Writer: Emmett Alston Producer: Ashok Amritraj Cast: Sho Kosugi, Brent Huff, Emilia Crow, Blackie Dammett, Regina Richardson, Vijay Amritraj, Lisa Friedman, Kane Kosugi, Shane Kosugi, Bruce Fanger, Sonny Erang, Ken Watanabe Running Time: 94 min. By Jeff … Continue reading

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Van Damme is the most ‘remade’ action star in the world!

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Jean-Claude Van Damme is a trendsetter when it comes to action and martial arts movies. He’s also a name that helped build franchises that gave birth to endless money-making sequels and … Continue reading

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