Exclusive: New U.S. trailer for Sammo Hung’s ‘The Bodyguard’

The Bodyguard | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

The Bodyguard | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

Well Go USA will be releasing Sammo Hung’s The Bodyguard (aka My Beloved Bodyguard) on VOD on August 2; then to Blu-ray & DVD on September 6, 2016.

It has been over 17 long years since Sammo Hung has directed a movie (since 1997’s Once Upon A Time in China and America), but now, the Hong Kong legend is back – both as star and as director – in The Bodyguard, which was previously known as Old Soldier.

The Bodyguard (read our review) features a cast of well-known names that include Zhu Yuchen, Li Qinqin, Feng Jiayi, Jacqueline Chan, Andy Lau, Hu Jun, Feng Shaofeng, Eddie Peng, Song Jia, Tsui Hark, Karl Maka, Dean Shek, Yuen Biao, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah, Yuen Ting, Yuen Po, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Song Jia.

The Bodyguard follows a retired bodyguard (Hung) who has settled in the dark and unknown corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet. Suffering from the beginnings of dementia, the bodyguard is befriended by a young girl whose life is threatened when her father (Lau) falls in with the local crime world. When the girl and her father disappear, the bodyguard must call upon his long forgotten skills to save the life of his young friend.

Check out the film’s new U.S. trailer below:

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12 Responses to Exclusive: New U.S. trailer for Sammo Hung’s ‘The Bodyguard’

  1. HKFanatic says:

    Sounds like this movie might be Sammo Hung’s “Taken” – or, perhaps more accurately, his “Man From Nowhere”…!!

  2. Tomas says:

    You know something? Just once…………….I’d like to like to hear Sammo sing “I Will Always Love You” in the movie. LOL

  3. DougWonnacott says:

    I think this has now jumped to the top of my list of films I can’t wait to see. Sadly it’ll probably be at least 2 years before it’s available in the UK.

  4. Ningen21 says:

    I take it it’s not a sequel to Bodyguard from Beijing. Or a remake of that Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston movie. 🙂

  5. benjamin clive says:

    WOW!!! About time we saw this magnificent actor in a leading action role!

  6. Ningen21 says:

    For some reason, I’m thinking of Danny Trejo’s Bad Ass when I see that trailer.

  7. Nazlee says:

    Hi.. Just watched The Bodyguard by Sammo Hung.. Superb moive.. may i know the songs that used in this film ? 🙁

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  9. rose conway says:

    where can you buy this movie, I’ve looked around but can’t find it

  10. miokk says:

    after watched this i just wanna say this is the dementia hero version of South Korea Man From Nowhere.

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