Andy Lau admits his new spy movie ‘Switch’ isn’t very good

"Switch" Chinese Theatrical Poster

Filming has begun on Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau’s latest action blockbuster, Switch. This is a highly anticipated Mandarin-language film to be shot in Dubai, the same location as Tom Cruise’s now famous hotel-climbing stunt in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, on a budget of about $20 million US dollars.

The producers are keen on recouping their investment so Switch will be later be dubbed in English and Arabic languages when released in those territories. Much like Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster, this film will place an emphasis on spectacle: get ready for expensive cars and boats, over the top stunts, and a gorgeous view of Dubai. Switch is directed by Sun Jianjun and stars Andy Lau, Chiling Lin, and Jingchu Zhang.

As far as the plot is concerned, the story appears to revolve around the famous painting ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains’ and will feature Andy Lau as a James Bond-like character. This is the first Chinese film to be shot internationally and select Hollywood talent will be working on the movie as well. A release date of October 1st is anticipated.

Updates: Film Business Asia reports that Andy Lau has recently been busy shooting the film. The budget is set at about $18 million. It’s likely that Media Asia Group will be looking to sell international rights to the film soon.

The first trailer for Switch has premiered at Cannes 2012. | Here’s a new teaser trailer, courtesy of Far East Films. The movie is looking action-packed! | Check out a new trailer for Switch. And don’t forget the first official poster is here, courtesy of Chinese Films. The film opens in China on November 2nd.

The film’s release in China has been postponed indefinitely. Apparently the soundtrack producer has come down with a “sudden disease” and is now hospitalized. This is actually the second lengthy post-production delay for Switch, as the film’s release was previously prolonged so it could be converted to 3D.

After a long delay, which included issues with the Chinese censors and the movie’s soundtrack, Switch will be hitting theaters soon. Here’s a new teaser trailer to celebrate. JayneStars has more info on the film. Director Jay Sun says: “…the movie is packed with action which includes suspenseful spy wars and a little love story thrown in.”

Why settle for James Bond when you could have Andy Lau? Check out the latest trailer for Switch. And don’t miss this snazzy new poster.

BREAKING NEWS: During a recent press conference for his upcoming thriller Blind Detective with director Johnnie To, star Andy Lau admitted that his spy movie Switch isn’t very good. The film has been received poorly by the public. Says Lau: “I sometimes think too highly of myself and tend to believe that whatever script have I have my hands on would end up being good.”

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4 Responses to Andy Lau admits his new spy movie ‘Switch’ isn’t very good

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  2. anonymus says:

    This is simply the worse movie i’ve ever watch in my life.. have wasted 2 hour and my money should be refund back for the CRAP !!!

  3. CREATA says:

    agree.. this movie sucks so bad… not even worth to watch… waste my time… hardly believe he wants to play at this kind of movie…. even imdb… rating only 1,5 from 10 stars… sucks.

  4. JC says:

    The worst movie I’ve seen. Everyone know it spend much much more mony to the film but without heart and content.

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