Andrew Lau’s ‘Infernal Affairs’ set for a Bollywood remake

"Infernal Affairs" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Infernal Affairs” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Warner and India’s Azure Entertainment (Rocky Handsome) are working on a remake of Andrew Lau’s 2002 gangster flick, Infernal Affairs, which itself was remade in 2006 by Martin Scorsese (The Departed).

“We are looking for a director for the Infernal Affairs remake,” Azure CEO Sunir Kheterpal told THR. “We will set the film in contemporary times since the original was set in 2002. And of course, the setting will be in India, compared to the earlier two films which were respectively set in Hong Kong and Boston.”

News of this upcoming remake shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as noted by our recent article Made & Remade in AsiaKeep it here for updates.

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