Albert Pyun’s ‘Cyborg Nemesis’ to sneak peek October 16th

"Cyborgs Nemesis: Dark Rift" Teaser Poster

"Cyborgs Nemesis: Dark Rift" Teaser Poster

THE MOVIE: Albert Pyun’s Cyborg Nemesis (aka Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers or Red Moon) is a prequel to his 1989 film Cyborg, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme. According to Impact, the upcoming movie will be a blend of “steam, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic vampire horror”.

The film stars Kevin Sorbo (The Extendables), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Sasha Mitchell (Kickboxer 2), Michael Paré (Streets of Fire) and Natassia Malthe (DOA). Vince Klyn and Terrie Batson are rumored to reprise their characters from the original Cyborg.

In Cyborg Nemesis, a U.S. Marine special ops team awakens from a hypersleep in a locked-down underground laboratory complex with no memory of who they are and why they are there. They realize that something’s wrong since the complex is abandoned. The team is forced to learn who put them to sleep ten years earlier and why – as they discover a creature has infiltrated the complex.

Updates: Beyond Hollywood has a 2-minute and 23-second long promotional teaser. Actor Michael Pare claims that the film “feels like a sci-fi Expendables.” | The 2nd teaser. | Latest teaser. | If you’re a die hard fan of Cyborg and you want to get your hands on Slinger (Albert Pyun’s Director’s Cut of Cyborg), it’s available through Amazon’s German website on Blu-ray & DVD. It appears to have english audio, but please be sure you have a multi-region Blu-ray/DVD player if you decide to order it.

BREAKING NEWS: According to Pyun’s Facebook, Cyborg Nemesis will be sneak peeked to prospective distributors on October 16th. In regards to the early teaser, which featured underwhelming digital effects, Pyun had this to say: “It was an early teaser….but hopefully you will all like the finished film.”

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13 Responses to Albert Pyun’s ‘Cyborg Nemesis’ to sneak peek October 16th

  1. HKFanatic says:

    I don’t have as much against Albert Pyun as some people on the web but I think he severely underestimates the popularity of Van Damme. It’s probably not a stretch to say that 90% of the people who actually like “Cyborg” like it because of Van Damme. The fact that Pyun dubbed over Van Damme’s voice in his director’s cut of the original and is now making a sequel without him tells me that Pyun just doesn’t get it.

  2. pingu305 says:

    Omg that casting is horrible.another turd in the making.cyborg 2 had a young,hot angelina Jolie.I also think she showed boobies

    • Don’t be knockin’ Olivier Gruner… that guy was pretty badass in ANGEL TOWN. That movie was COLORS meets KICKBOXER! And say what you want to say about Michael Pare… one of the coolest guys of asian cinema (until he opens his mouth)

  3. I don’t know man… Pyun also has that movie Nemesis, which totally shows that Pyun doesn’t need Van Damme. Some people are still calling Nemesis the greatest sci fi flick of all time. Now that I think of it, maybe Pyun should just make a Nemesis sequel… after all, seems to have Olivier Gruner in the Pyun of his hands!

  4. NegativeCreep says:

    Cyborg without Van Damme is a big mistake! This will be the shitty sequel to the cult classic type deal.

  5. NegativeCreep says:

    I was not impressed with Mr Pyun’s sloppy director’s cut. I can’t believe he even had the nerve to release it in such raw format. I did not like the changes he made with the voice add dubs and soundtrack film score changes. Cyborg is definitely a B-movie and it barely hangs in there with the tests of time. I will watch the prequel but my thoughts of a Van Dammeless Cyborg sequel sinks my enthusiasm like the PG13 rating did for the Expendables 2 film.

  6. ActionJackson says:

    You know I like Albert Pyun, I talked with him and he was very open minded and friendly guy. I like Cyborg, I hope Pyun can make a great sequel, but from the looks of the teaser it looks horrid. Just look at the trailer when the gun starts shooting, it looks like a Nintendo video game. PS3 can make better graphics than what they used in the teaser. I do like how they use the original theme music from the first one. The teaser did absolutely nothing for me at all, and the first Cyborg looks years ahead of this video game looking movie.. “Cheesy” teaser It’s a shame they couldn’t get Van Damme, but Michael Pare is cool. Wasn’t Kevin Sorbo supposed to be in this? Also, how are they going to make it a Sci Fi Expendables At least get all the B-movie martial arts actors together or something cool like that!

  7. pingu305 says:

    That was as bad as an Uwe Boll wonder this guy never made it big

  8. American Ninja Man says:

    Wow does that movie look awful. The CGI is embarrassingly bad, The cast doesn’t mention Olivier Gruner, Sasha Mitchell (Who starred in Pyun’s best movies, Kickboxer 2 and 4 and Nemesis) and Michael Pare. It’s just like a SyFy original clunker, in other words I’ll probably rent it if I stumble upon it. But seriously this is gonna be B-A-D.

  9. Tien Kwon says:

    Van Damme-less? ROFL. Omg Sasha Mitchell??? So he was Van Damme’s brother in the Kickboxer series… and now he’s gonna be in Van Damme’s Cyborg…. Umm does Sasha need to be in Van Damme’s shadow in order to make a movie or something?

  10. I have a feeling this is just test footage or something. There’s no way in hell this can be real.

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