New Trailer for Stephen Fung’s all-star ‘Once a Thief’ remake

"The Adventurers" Theatrical Poster

“The Adventurers” Theatrical Poster

Stephen Fung (Gen-X Cops) is back in the director’s chair in The Adventurers, a reworking of John Woo’s Once a Thief, the 1991 classic about art thieves, previously played by Chow Yun Fat, Cherie Chung and Leslie Cheung. The film releases domestically on August 11, 2017.

The Adventurers stars Andy Lau (The Bodyguard), Shu Qi (The Assassin), Tony Yang (Cold War 2) and Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional). Joining them are Eric Tsang (Jian Bing Man) and Zhang Jingchu (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation).

The Adventurers is being described as a “loose remake” rather than a straight remake of John Woo’s seminal classic.

Updates: Check out the film’s New Trailer below (via AFS):

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5 Responses to New Trailer for Stephen Fung’s all-star ‘Once a Thief’ remake

  1. Ningen says:

    Hopefully, it makes up for that ’96 one.

  2. ColinJ says:

    Andy Lau already did a movie called THE ADVENTURERS with Ringo Lam, right?

    And thinking about this movie reminded me that Cherie Chung teased a comeback a few years ago. I was hoping to sew her and Chow in one more movie together.

  3. HKFanatic says:

    I’m frankly kind of stunned that a movie with this big a budget and this many bonafied movie stars could look so bad…but I guess it’s the kind of thing that Hollywood does on the regular, heh. Still, this trailer did absolutely nothing to garner my enthusiasm.

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  5. Chanel says:

    Looks meh.

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