9413 (1998) Review

"9413" Chinese DVD Cover

"9413" Chinese DVD Cover

Director: Francis Ng Chun-Yu
Producer: Herman Yau Lai To, Ng Ga Bo
Writer: Sandy Siu
Cast: Francis Ng Chun-Yu, Christine Eng Wing Mei, Amanda Lee Wai Man, Mo Jun Fai
Running Time: 90 min.

By Ben Poppel

Lan, a police officer, relies on Carmen, a hypnotist, to cure his amnesia. As Lan gradually regains his memories, it dawns on him that he may be the famous cop murderer. Things escalate and Carmen is soon terrified of becoming his next victim.

With a low-budget look, not-that-great story, zero martial arts, and a cheap look and feel to it, this movie looks to be a real stinker. But wait there is one catch: he film stars the outstanding Francis Ng and it gives him the perfect role to play. It allows for him to demonstrate all the characteristics that we have come to expect from such a great actor. This film doesn’t rely on action set pieces or even a real concrete story to keep our attention. Instead it just kind of has it’s own flow to it, and makes you want to keep watching just to see what Francis is going to do next.

I would say at least eighty percent of the screen time is done by Francis and that’s always a good thing. This movie is also directed by Francis. But remember don’t expect any real action or high tech special effects to blow you out of the water. Instead just good acting by a very good actor… did I say Francis enough or what?

Ben Poppel’s Rating: 8/10 (because It has Francis in it); 4/10 (If any other actor played the part)

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