2002 (2002) Review

"2002" Chinese DVD Cover

"2002" Chinese DVD Cover

Director: Wilson Yip (Wai Shun)
Producer: Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu
Cast: Nicholas Tse (Ting Fung), Stephen Fung Tak-Lun, Law Kar-Ying, Sam Lee Chan-Sam, Danielle Graham, Rain Li (Choi Wah), Alex Fong (Nik Sun), Anya.
Running Time: 96 min.

By Ben Poppel

Do you want to watch a movie about ghouls and goblins? Well maybe more like ghosts. Whatever the case, this is not your traditional actioner. Sure it’s got fighting, shooting and chases. But it also has flying spirits, crazy demon ladies and plenty supernatural beings. It also has the re-teaming of the cool Nicholas Tse and “I will try to be cool” Stephen Fung. Their on screen chemistry together works pretty good. The settings, costumes, music and atmosphere are also very slick and polished. But all that can’t save the bland substance that surrounds the whole scenario. Take two guys who like two girls, throw in an old man, and a bunch of cops who are all trying to stop bad ghosts, but the two guys are the only ones who can stop the wicked spirits while saving their girls and not trying to die, but end up dying and living and killing bad ghosts and helping good ghosts… whew… I lost myself… what , what was I saying…

Well, the point I am trying to make is that this movie has more style and showiness than substance and story. For some reason when the credits started rolling, I didn’t feel completely satisfied. Kind of like going to a party, enjoying yourself, but not waking up with a hangover the next day – well actually that is a good thing. So I guess really this movie wasn’t all that bad. Just enjoy the ride while it lasts because you may not feel any wow-ness after it’s over. Or maybe I’m just freakin’ crazy and don’t know how to write reviews!

Ben Poppel’s Rating: 7/10

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